Bangladesch: Katastrophenvorsorge für Schulkinder

Bangladesh: Disaster preparedness of school children

The Island of Hatiya in Bangladesh is being increasingly threatened by extreme weather conditions such as typhoons, landslides and floods. Most of its 450,000 inhabitants are endangered. In addition, a large part of the population lives on agriculture so that heavy storms or cyclones put all their belongings at risk. To prepare the people for such disasters, the German Red Cross is cooperating with local schools.

Only about every third inhabitant of the Island of Hatiya is able to read and write. This is why the disaster preparedness project of the German Red Cross primarily addresses students and teachers. The program focuses on training for disaster preparedness and first aid. During the lessons, the Red Cross workers explain and train teachers and students livesaving skills, for example:

  • How do I give first aid?
  • How do I protect myself and my comrades or teachers in an emergency?
  • How can I help in disaster preparedness?
  • How do I set up an emergency plan?
  • How does an evacuation work?
  • How does environmental protection contribute to disaster preparedness?

Work on sanitation facilities

Besides these trainings, the German Red Cross supports schools in repairing and building sanitation facilities such as wells and toilets. This includes education on hygiene and maintenance of the facilities. This makes sure pupils do not have to stay away from class because of missing sanitation facilities.

The theoretical considerations are complemented by practical training. In competitions and games, the pupils have the chance to apply their newly acquired theoretical knowledge. Besides, emergency plans for concrete incidents are created and tested for their practical applicability.

Learn, practice, teach

The training does not only aim at teaching pupils how to save their own lives, but also how to pass on that knowledge to their parents or other members of their community. This can be done in theatre plays, for example. The newly acquired knowledge can be integrated into the performance play and passed on to the audience in a playful manner.

The project

Region: South Asia, Bay of Bengal, south of Bangladesh
Project volume: 60 000 Euro
Funding: German Red Cross, donations and funds from the international GRCFoundation
Partner: Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

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