Chernobyl: Mobile laboratories to fight against cancer

30 years after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the situation for people in rural areas is still very difficult. Medical long-term consequences of radioactive contamination particularly hit people who are socially isolated due to relocation measures and who are without work and hope. The German Red Cross was able to help with mobile laboratories and to save save lives through medical check-ups and pharmaceuticals.

After the nuclear reactor disaster of Chernobyl in 1986, hundreds of thousands of people in theUkraine were relocated. Until then, they had been exposed to the radiation. Many of the evacuated people were socially isolated, did not find any work, still living in poverty. The physical damages are even worse: The death rate has grown higher than the birth rate and the number of psychological diseases has severely increased. Until today, the number of radiation-induced diseases increases. People who were newborns or children when the disaster struck, only now show evidence of thyroid cancer. Medical and social care, especially for populations in rural areas, is not sufficient. The nearest doctor is often too far away and the long journey unpayable. Unnoticed and quiet suffering and passing away carries on. Therefore, the German Red Cross is active in these regions and helps the local population.

Mobility saves lives

The development over the past years has shown that assisting the affected regions is now asimportant as it was in the direct aftermath of the nuclear disaster. But before people can be examined and treated, they need to be addressed. This is why the German Red Cross relies on mobility: In cooperation with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society we equip minivans with medical instruments, drugs and supplies.

These mobile laboratories are funded solely by donations which makes support by private donors even more important. These donations ensure that the vans can reach the affected villages and people can undergo a medical check-up by professional staff. For thousands of Ukrainians this is a live-saving visit as cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage and can be cured in the best case.

Fight against cancer

The fight against cancer in the region around Chernobyl has to continue under all circumstances. Because even 30 years after the devastating reactor accident, the losses of the disaster can still not be calculated. Scientists assume that the number of additional fatalities by cancer caused by the radioactive fallout will rise up to 66 000 in the future. With your support as a donor we can continue to offer basic medical check-ups that save lives.

With this and other projects, the German Red Cross is active in many countries in East Europe. Your donation helps.

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