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Relief after the typhoon

In November 2013, the typhoon Haiyan struck the Visayan Islands in the Philippines. Millions of people were affected in many ways. The German Red Cross reacted within 24 hours, started an emergency relief programme and subsequently supported the rehabilitation of the affected regions.

Typhoon Haiyan swept over the Visayas and had a devastating impact on life in thePhilippines. In total, 16 million people were affected, more than 7 000 people lost their lives, and 1.1 million houses were damaged or torn away completely. Furthermore, an immense number of fields and seeds were destroyed leaving about two-thirds of the farmers without a main source of income.

Since the first day after the typhoon, the German Red Cross (GRC) has supported the affected people. During the emergency phase, the first goals were the provision of relief items, water and food. Financial support, so-called Cash Grants were given by the German Red Cross. This way, affected people can decide for themselves which goods they want to buy to cover their most urgent needs.

Rehabilitation and increasing resilience in five regions

Three years after the devastating super typhoon, the German Red Cross has already completed two of five of the rehabilitation projects. Thus the livelihoods of the affected population have been restored and protected in the long term. Both the already completed and the ongoing measures in the provinces of Leyte, Cebu, Capiz and Antique aim to strengthen the resilience of local communities. The purpose of these measures are that people can recover quickly from the burdens of the cyclone and will be able to manage future catastrophes much better. In this regard the German Red Cross links the areas shelter (expandable lumber houses adapted to local architecture), livelihood, water supply, sanitation,  reconstruction of infrastructure and catastrophe precautions. With support of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Germany the German Red Cross can in cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross continue to implement its measures of catastrophe precautions, such as the improvement of early warning models, in the affected region. By this means the German Red Cross and its partners have already been able to help many people in the affected provinces. The efforts and measures have been individually adapted to the needs of the people.

Measures already take effect

The Philippines have already benefited from these measures in October 2016, when Taifun Haima hit the country almost exactly three years after Haiyan. Martina Schloffer head of the GRC office in Manila: "The people of the Philippines have learned from Haiyan. Provisions have been steadily improved and and developed all over the country with the Red Cross and other relief organisations." Around 160,000 people were quickly evacuated from the danger zone of Haima.

Three years after typhoon Haiyan, following rehabilitation activities have already beenimplemented by the GRC:

  • Construction of more than 4 600 core houses
  • Repair of more than 6 400 houses
  • Construction of more than 2 300 latrines
  • Cash Grants for restoring livelihoods for over 10 000 people
  • Support of more than 27 400 households by securing the livelihoods (disbursement of cash and advanced training)
  • Skills & enterprise trainings for over 2 500 people
  • Hygiene promotion for approx. 23 000 people
  • Reconstruction of 205 water supply systems (pumps, supply networks, canals etc.)
  • rehabilitation of 11 schools or health facilities
  • Disaster risk reduction activities for 55 communities
  • Recruitment of approx. 5 000 voluntary Red Cross aid worker teams in everycommunity

The Project:

Region: Visayan Islands
Country: The Philippines
16 million, more than 7 600 fatalities
Material damage:
1.1 million damaged houses, 50 % of them completely destroyed
Rehabilitation funding:
American RC, Canadian RC, French RC, Austrian RC, Swiss RC, Belgian RC - Flanders, Hong Kong RC, European Union, donations
Philippine Red Cross

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