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The modular system—flexible and fast emergency relief

In an emergency the GRC can react quickly and flexibly with its emergency response units. These mobile modules are deployed for the supply of a large number of affected people and in the first few days help to create the most important prerequisites for efficient humanitarian aid.

Flexibility, speed and need-orientation are the skills that are required in a disaster situation. The German Red Cross has therefore developed together with other national societies a unique modular system for worldwide disaster relief. The various modules can be adapted to the situation and to the specific needs in the disaster region. The GRC keeps three different emergency response units available for this purpose: the mobile Red Cross hospital, the mobile health care unit and the mobile DWS units for drinking water supply and disease prevention. In addition, basic technical equipment, emergency vehicles and tents are kept available for the Red Cross aid workers.

Autonomous supply during the first two weeks

These mobile units have proved themselves in practice in disaster relief operations. They are designed for deployments of between three to four months in crisis areas, during the first two weeks of which the team is completely self-sufficient. In addition the units can be operated self-sufficiently in terms of energy by using their own power generators. Even the packing material of the units is part of the utilisation plan—it is used to construct tables and shelves.

The modules are compliant with international standards. Handling is simplified to enable disaster response staff and volnteers from different countries to work together. These Emergency Response Units (ERUs) are known by this name internationally and they have often proved themselves in practice to be a well-conceived system of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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