Gero Breloer

Confidence in the aftermath - our objectives in reconstruction

Following a natural disaster or a conflict, the lives of the people in the affected region frequently start from scratch. Food, health, infrastructure, livelihood -many areas require fast help and adapted and coordinated support. This is where the GRC can step in and use its experience in reconstruction.

Example Philippines – new houses, hospitals and schools

Since the disastrous typhoon hit the Philippines in 2013 more than 10.000 households have been given a new home or helped in repairing their home. Working together with local volunteers the German Red Cross coordinated the distribution of building materials, the building of houses and the training of the population in applying safe construction techniques. This process involves taking assessments of the local disaster risks into consideration and integrating them in an overall concept so that future events wreak less damage.

Craftsmen programmes, training and strengthening the communities

Because regions and cultures develop differently, there is no universal concept for reconstruction. Strategies for reconstruction have to be developed in a participatory approach. As a result international standards are always adjusted locally to the specifics of a respective region. Nonetheless, the German Red Cross always ensures that there is a consistent overall concept for reconstruction. Craftsmen training programmes, educational programmes for the population and advising authorities are all key aspects. Having a strong sense of community and re-establishing the normality of social life helps build the necessary foundations for dealing with the shock over the long term and helping the affected regions both regain their psychological and structural health and continued development.


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