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The GRC helps refugees - at home and abroad

The GRC is part of a worldwide community that provides aid to victims of conflicts and disasters. Almost 60 million people all over the world are refugees. Many of them have experienced cruel and traumatic situations are very vulnerable. The GRC helps refugees both at home and abroad. 

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    Refugee relief in Germany

    The GRC is currently looking after more than 141 000 refugees in 490 shelters all over Germany. Over 25 000 full-time and volunteer GRC aid workers registrate and support the refugees and provide medical care.
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    GRC refugee relief abroad

    The GRC is committed to helping refugees in many crisis regions. The Syrian crisis remains the biggest humanitarian operation of the GRC abroad. Almost five years after the outbreak of the conflict the humanitarian situation in and around this country remains catastrophic.
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  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Flüchtlinge, Migration, Integration, Arzt, Asyl, Asylbewerber, KiTa, Kindergarten

    Services provided for refugees by the GRC

    For decades the GRC has been supporting refugees and migrants in Germany in many ways. The refugee counselling centres advise and provide support on all matters relating to the asylum procedure.
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