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Forgotten crises

The worldwide need for humanitarian aid is huge. There are numerous humanitarian crises that are ongoing or worsening - whether in conflict situations or due to extreme weather events and natural disasters.

However, not all crises are perceived equally by the public, and not all affected countries or regions are supported according to their humanitarian needs. Since a long time there is a large gap between demand and financing. This circumstance, however, has a much greater impact on humanitarian crises that are less in the focus of the media than on those on which international attention is focused, at least temporarily. Less noticed crises threaten to become forgotten crises.

"The situation in Yemen is worse than I imagined. Why? Because these conflicts, which are completely forgotten by the public, are underestimated." – Antonia Rados, war and crisis reporter and GRC ambassador

What are the characteristics of a forgotten humanitarian crisis?

(according to the European Commission's Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO))

  • A severe and protracted humanitarian emergency resulting from conflict situations or an accumulation of extreme weather events/natural disasters or even a combination of both
  • A major humanitarian need
  • No or insufficient international aid and protection for the people affected
  • Almost always minorities within a country and/or groups of people whose living conditions are below the national average are affected
  • Lack of political solutions
  • Lack or non-existent media interest
  • Little or no public interest in donations
  • Need for longer-term humanitarian commitment

We at the German Red Cross do not let such crises be forgotten. Look together with us as the largest humanitarian aid organisation in Germany and support us with your donation!

Give a voice to people in forgotten crises

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Country examples of forgotten crises


Since the beginning of the armed conflict in Yemen in 2015, the situation for the civilian population has steadily and dramatically deteriorated. The fighting has already claimed thousands of lives, including at least 16,000 civilians. Millions of people throughout the country cannot survive without humanitarian aid, and the civilian infrastructure is collapsing more and more. The German Red Cross provides support, particularly in the health sector..

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The largest refugee camp in the world, "Kutupalong", is located in Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh. More than 900,000 people of the Rohingya ethnic group in the border region to Myanmar have found refuge there after fleeing violence in their homeland. Providing people with clean water and ensuring acceptable hygienic conditions is difficult.

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The consequences of the ongoing conflict in Darfur, water shortages, chronic poverty and malnutrition are just some of the problems facing the people of Sudan. The German Red Cross has been on the ground for more than 20 years, and in Darfur alone, despite the difficult security situation, it has been there consistently for over ten years. Its activities include water supply, hygiene and food security.

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Latin America - refugees from Venezuela

Thousands of people from the politically and economically unstable Venezuela are fleeing daily to Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. They are on foot, and many are in poor physical condition. The German Red Cross supports the help for the refugees along the migration routes with various health services, essential relief supplies, contact with relatives and orientation aids.

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