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    Display Online Banner - 10 Jahre Syrien
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    Bild - Printanzeige #10SYR
    Titel: Bild - Printanzeige #10SYR
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    Seiten: Syrienkrise – Helfen Sie… , Syrienkrise , Aktionsbündnis… , Syrien 10 Jahre – Helfen…
    Beschreibung: Four months of fierce battle between Kurdish fighters, YPG (Kurdish People's Protection Units), YPJ (Women's Protection Units), peshmergas, supported by US-led air strikesAgainst Islamic State (IS) jihadists,, have left the town of Kobani in ruins. The border town was once home to 200,000 people, but most fled into Turkey when the IS onslaught began. Many watched the daily bombardment of their home town from a hill just over the Turkish border. Although all of the Islamist militants have been killed or driven out of the town, residents have been advised not to return to Kobani. Half of the town lies in rubble, there's no electricity or water, and IS littered the place with booby trap bombs. The only bakery working in the town Kobani , serves free the bread for the kurdish people . But an estimated 40,000 people have returned to what is left of their homes, with thousands more arriving every week. Many are uncertain of the future, but there is a sense of optimism, a determination to show defiance in the face of Islamist aggression. Kobani, Syria, on March 22, 2015. Photo by Cagdas Erdogan/Depo Photos/ABACAPRESS.COM
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    Seiten: Triage im humanitären…
    Beschreibung: Sydney, Conseil des délégués. Une reproduction d'ambulance endommagée est exposée pour illustrer l'impact des attaques sur les services de santé lors de conflits armés. Sydney. A replica of a bomb-damaged ambulance on display, promoting the Health Care in Danger project during the 2013 Council of Delegates.
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    Seiten: Triage im humanitären…
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    Corona-Nothilfe in Honduras
    Titel: Corona-Nothilfe in Honduras
    Seiten: DRK-Auslandshilfe in… , Corona-Auslandshilfe
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    Aufklärungsmaterial für die Bevölkerung
    Titel: Aufklärungsmaterial für die Bevölkerung
    Seiten: Corona-Auslandshilfe
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    Desinfektion der Fahrzeuge
    Titel: Desinfektion der Fahrzeuge
    Seiten: Corona-Auslandshilfe
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